Surf. Fish. Repeat

Nootka Sound is home to some of the best fishing in all of British Columbia and lucky for you, your boat captains and guides spend their summers working as fishing guides in this same area. These guys know this coast like the back of their hands so when it comes time to head back to the boat to take a break from paddling, don’t expect to give your arms a rest. Time to drop the jigs and catch lunch!

Fish Species in Nootka Sound


Salmon migrate south every year past Nootka Island and are targeted by anglers June through September. The 2 species of Salmon that we prefer to target are Chinook “Kings” and Coho “Silvers”.


Halibut are bottom feeders that are caught offshore, we are able to target Halibut May through December. Halibut are often referred to as “white gold” as their beautiful white meat makes for the best fish n chips!

Spot Prawns

Spot Prawns are a delicacy that we catch with traps that are dropped to the bottom and left to “soak” for a few hours at a time. Pulling the traps before dinner while the sun sets is a great way to end a day.

Ling Cod

Ask any west coast angler what their favorite fish to eat is, chances are they will say Ling Cod. Similar to halibut, they are caught offshore however their season is a little shorter and ends in November.

Rock Fish

Their are around 12 species of Rockfish that we consistently catch just offshore of Nootka Island. The abundance of these fish means one thing…Fish tacos!

There’s opportunity for you to bring some fish home for your family as well, we are able to have your fish processed in town after your trip and shipped right to your door. If you would like to keep some fish for your own freezer, chat with the guides at the lodge to get everything all set up.

We have partnered with The UPS Store in Campbell River, which is run locally by Sebastian Saez and his wife Yumey Cuan, to ship your catch home safely. We have decided to work exclusively with them, they have shown that they care about your fish and have the knowledge to make sure it reaches you efficiently. They carefully package your fish with dry ice, prepare customs documentation (including an FDA Prior Notice for all shipments going to the U.S.A.), and carefully monitor your package to make sure it gets to its destination safely and quickly.

The UPS Store #215
1434 Ironwood St.
Campbell River, BC V9W5T5
(250) 286-3500